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Site Questions

  1. Where are the rules?

    A complete list can be found here. If you're ever unsure of something, contact a staff member for clarification. Breaking these guidelines can result in action against your account.

    The Warrior Code found here.

    * As per our Terms of Service, the staff are not obligated to constantly inform members of account standing and/or offenses. While we will often notify users, we are not required to, as remaining up-to-date on our policies and your account standing is your responsibility.

  2. Who are the current staff members?

    There are four staff members at the moment. JingleRambunctious & Raywood, and Tasty Lunacross.

  3. Can I be a staff member?

    Read this topic for more information.

    Please don't ask for a staff position. When we feel the need to hire additional help, we carefully handpick from members who are active and friendly, not those who beg.

    To remain a candidate for a future staff position, the best thing you can do is follow the rules and be active around the site.

  4. Where do I download the game?

    Although the name Warrior Cats Online may suggest we are a game, we aren't. Warrior Cats Online is a forum-based roleplaying site, where you can create a character and start their adventure through writing with other members.

  5. Do I have to download anything?

    No. As stated above, everything is done through our Roleplay Forums.

  6. How do I sign up?

    Look to your right, and you should see a sidebar with "Sign In" and "Create an Account". If you have an existing Webs account, click Sign In. If you're new to Webs, click Create an Account and follow the directions.

  7. What's an affiliate?

    An affiliate is a site officially partnered with Warrior Cats Online.

    *We do NOT moderate what's on our affiliates' websites.

  8. How do I become an affiliate?

    If you have a website and would like to partner with Warrior Cats Online, refer to this page for more information. 

  9. How do I friend someone?

    Go to their profile, first of all. Under their avatar, you'll see "Add as Friend" -  click that! When the dialogue box pops up, click "SEND REQUEST," and you're done.

  10. What is "PM"?

    A PM is a common acronym for Private Message. 

  11. Where can I check my PM's?

    Normally, the inbox icon in the sidebar looks like this: Inbox

    When you have an unread message, it will appear as: Inbox (1)

    This signifies you have one unread message in your inbox. To read it, simply click on the word "Inbox" in the sidebar.

  12. How do I create a group message?

    You will need to be friends with everyone you wish to send the message to.

    Once that's done, navigate to your Inbox. Click "Compose" and enter everyone's names, one at a time. Then send!

  13. Is there a way to make a group PM with someone you're not friends with?

    There is!

    Go to the account you're not friends with and click on "Send a Message". Fill out the message box (do not name it or fill out the captcha / security test) and hit send.

    It will redirect you to the compose message page, without erasing the contents of your message, and you can add people you're friends with to the message.

  14. How do I message someone?

    There are a few ways to do this. The most simplistic way is to navigate to their profile and look to the left side of the screen, under their picture and click "Send Message."

    The alternative method requires you and the other person to be friends on the website. Go to your Inbox, and you'll see a tab called "Compose." In the "To" box, begin typing their name.

  15. How do I delete my account?

    To delete your account, direct your eyes to the right hand side of the screen, and you'll see your name there. Click on your name, which will bring you to your profile.

    Under your avatar, click on "Edit Profile" and then on the upper tab, click "Edit Account". From that page, you'll be viewing a list of sites you've signed up for. Find Warrior Cats Online, and click the red button.

    Note that once you delete your account an administrator will need to approve you, should you decide to sign up again.

  16. How do I become eligible to be a staff member?

    Most importantly, make sure your account is in good standing. Stay active within the community by roleplaying often, being friendly, and helping others out if needed.

  17. Is my account in good standing?

    Check with a staff member - they'll be happy to help.

  18. What is a "Limited Member?"

    A Limited Member is a user who has either violated Warrior Cats Online's Terms of Service, or is suspected of doing so. 

    Their account is temporarily "frozen," as they cannot view or post on the forums.

  19. How do I edit my profile?

    To the right of your screen on the sidebar, click on your name. This will bring you to your profile. In order to edit it, just click "Edit Profile", which can be found on the left side of the screen, under your avatar.

    Remember, no pictures are allowed in your profile, unless it's a Pin Post Festival Badge!

  20. How do I edit my signature?

    The same way you edit the body of your profile. 

    Navigate to your profile by clicking on your name on the right hand side of the screen, "Edit Profie", and scroll down to edit your signature. Save your changes.

    Remember, no pictures are allowed in your signature!

  21. How do I upload a gif as my profile picture?

    Resize the gif to 100 x 100.

    If you're unsure of how to do this, you can use this site.

  22. Who made the banner?

    Our banner was made by the talented InfernoFlicker. You can find more of her art here.

  23. Why am I seeing ads?

    The most likely cause is our chat box on the sidebar because it's third party HTML and was imported into the site.

    To remedy this, we suggest finding an ad block program or extension for your browser.

  24. How is Warrior Cats Online powered?

    FreeWebs / Webs is our website host.

  25. I'm borrred. What do I do?

    There's a variety of activities you can take part in if you're not interested in roleplaying. A few are:

    • Bank Raffle
    • General Board games
    • Site Feedback
    • READ THE RULES over and over they are your WCO bible
    • Chill on the chat
    • Send everyone compliments via profile comments
    • Check In
    • Read/view all the stuff in the Visual Art category, or make your own
    • Read other peoples rps
    • Cast your vote in SOTW, COTW, RPOTW
    • Get banned from Brave's profile
    • Welcome new members
    • Fill in character relations
    • Dumpster Dive (go through the old roleplays in the Trash Bin category)

    If none of these interest you, take a gander around the site and see if any topic catches your eye!
  26. I'm leaving. Can I save my account from Activeness Checks?

    Probably not.

    Exemptions are rarely granted anymore, regardless of if the departure is permanent or temporary. While you can feel free to ask a staff member, be prepared for the answer to be no.

    Should your account be removed in a routine sweep, simply log back in, and you'll be redirected to a "pending approval" page. Once an adminstrator approves your joining request, you'll be back and ready to roleplay again.
    The only loss in this procedure is your Friends list.

  27. Where do I post a notice of absence?

    If you are leaving WCO, even temporarily, feel free to post this information within your profile or profile status. It's easy to access and is more personal.

    Due to continuous abuse (i.e. drama, emotional manipulation), we no longer allow such threads on the forums and apologize for this inconvenience.

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Roleplay Questions

  1. Where do I start?

    The first thing to do is create a character to roleplay. It's highly suggested you provide detailed information on them in your profile, such as their name, gender, rank, and clan.

    If you'd like to get more in-depth, add things like their personality, physical attributes, theme song, relationships, or even a backstory.

  2. How do I join a clan?

    To join ThunderClan:
    There is no need to inform Ashstar unless your character is an outsider (rogue, loner, kittypet, cat from another clan). Joining for DS characters is closed. If your character is not an outsider, jump into roleplay!

    To join ShadowClan:
    If you are a clan cat (and pretending your character was born into ShadowClan) - jump right into roleplay. There is no need to private message Blazingnight.

    To join RiverClan:
    There is no need to inform Bucknight unless your character is an outsider (rogue, loner, kittypet, cat from another clan / the DS). If your character is not an outsider, jump into roleplay!

    To join WindClan:
    There is no need to inform Dapplestar unless your character is an outsider (rogue, loner, kittypet, cat from another clan). Joining for DS characters is closed. If your character is not an outsider, jump into roleplay!

    To join SkyClan:
    You do not need to ask Lemonstar to join SkyClan, unless you intend for your cat to be a loner/rogue/kittypet joining.

  3. How do I roleplay?

    To roleplay, go to your clan's category. Creating a new topic is unnecessary - just click on one of the available threads, such as the Clearing or Territory.

    From there, you can write as your cat from the third person, past tense point of view. Below is a short example:

    Tinypaw trotted into camp, and her eyes scanned for a sunny place to lie down.

  4. Do I have to start as a kit?

    No, you don't need to start as a kit. Your cat may be a kit, apprentice, warrior, or elder.

    If you are choosing to roleplay a kit, make sure you have a foster parent. To find one, post here!

  5. How do I become a High Rank?

    A High Rank (otherwise called a HR) is a position such as leader, deputy, medicine cat, and medicine cat apprentice.

    To become eligible for a High Rank, your account must be in good standing, and you need to be an active, friendly member of Warrior Cats Online for at least two months. Do not beg for a rank, as it will most likely get you disqualified from the position altogether.

    In most cases, leaders are responsible for choosing their Clan's deputy, and Medicine Cats are to select apprentices, though their decision must be cleared before appointing the rank.

  6. Why are some ranks listed as unavailable?

    This means the position is not open to anyone at this time.

  7. What is the Pin Post Festival?

    This is a seasonal event for Warrior Cats Online, and with each season is a new and exciting theme to roleplay. The posts in that topic does not correlate to the roleplay of the main clans -- they're totally separate, however you can use the same characters.

    Once you reach fifteen roleplay posts without double posting and OOC notes, you're awarded with Kitty Koins and a shiny badge to display on your profile, if you so wish.

  8. Can I be a cat from the books?

    No, sorry. Your cat may have the same name as a cat from the books, however they cannot be the same cat. We are an Original Character roleplaying site, which means it's time to get creative and make your own character.

  9. What are the roleplaying expectations here?

    We cover a wide range of styles and skills, from beginners to advanced roleplaying. Most commonly, posts are around a paragraph in length, sometimes more, sometimes less.

    All we ask is that you try your best when it comes to punctuation and grammar.

  10. How long does it take to have my character rank up?

    On Warrior Cats Online, one month is equal to one moon.

    How long do you have to roleplay your characters as kits?

    There is no formal rule, but about 1-2 months is what is generally accepted.

    How long do you have to roleplay your characters as apprentices?

    There is no formal rule for this, but about 4-5 months is generally accepted. The leader of your cat's respective Clan has the right to deny giving a kit a ceremony if they feel they are not ready or you have not roleplayed them long enough. The same can be said for an kit becoming an apprentice, the leader can deny it if they feel your cat has not trained long enough, or is not ready.

  11. How do you roleplay fighting correctly?

    There is one main rule when it comes to fighting. No powerplaying. What you want to avoid the most is barraging the other person's character with attacks. Or, you constantly dodge attacks, and never allow the other person to hit your character. There is a middle ground. Here an example of a bad fighting situation:

    Rper 1: Stingtooth jumped on Perchtail, landing on his back and digging his claws into Perchtail's back, drawing blood.

    Rper 2: -sigh-

    This roleplayer makes several moves during their post, not allowing the other person to respond or even try to dodge. They attack the other character without consent either. Here is an example of how this should have gone.

    Rper 1: Stingtooth leapt into the air, claws flexed forward and pointed toward his target- Perchtail. He aimed for the cat's back, claws ready to grip and tear.

    Rper 2: Perchtail saw the shadow of his attacked coming for him, but didn't have enough time to get away. The cat landed on his back with a thud, claws latching into his skin.

    As you can see, Rper 1 never actually hit Perchtail, he aimed. He made it clear what he wanted his character to do, but ultimately it was up to Rper 2 what was going to happen to his character. It is always a good idea to plan who will win the battle beforehand, so you can roleplay accordingly.

    It can get annoying to another roleplayer if your character is making battle moves one after another and not allowing for the other character to respond or get away. So keep that in mind while you roleplay, as attacking relentlessly is powerplaying!

  12. What is powerplaying?

    Powerplaying - also known as godmodding -  is making your character much too strong or wise for their current age or rank, or introducing extra characters to help your own. For example, a kit could not realistically kill a trained warrior. To avoid powerplaying, make sure to only be controlling your character at all times, and stay within reason. Giving your cat clearly-defined flaws is a good way to prevent it!

    Powerplaying is against the rules, and if you're reported for it, there will be consequences.

  13. Can I kill another person's character?

    With their permission, yes, go for it. Without their permission, absolutely not.

  14. What territory is this set in?

    This is set in an alternative territory to the books. A map can be viewed from our homepage.

    Our map was drawn by Fallow.

  15. Can I make my own clan?

    Yes! This clan cannot interact with the main ones in any way, however.

    To create a clan, use this category.

  16. Can my cat have a power?

    You can purchase a power from the Kitty Koins Bank for 3,500 KK's. This can only be purchased once, and to make sure your power is site-appropriate you must message an administrator.

    Certain powers, such as immortality and mind control, will only be allowed to those who won't misuse them. If you want to change the power and/or what character has the power later on, please message Tasty Lunacross to avoid future confusion.

  17. How do I find someone to roleplay with?

    You can post a thread in the Roleplaying Resources and see if anyone's available to roleplay. If you have a specific cat you'd like to use, include that in your post to avoid confusion.

    If you find a roleplay you'd like to enter, check with everyone involved to ensure it's okay if your character comes in. Do NOT jump into roleplays without permission! This can be very aggravating.

  18. How do I find a mentor?

    If your character is an apprentice and needs a mentor, post a thread in the Roleplaying Resources area. Don't forget to state your cat's name and their clan!

  19. How do I find an apprentice?

    If your character is a warrior looking for an apprentice, make a thread in the Roleplaying Resources area. Don't forget to include your cat's name and their clan!

  20. Can my character speak to a leader?

    To set up a meeting with your clan's leader, private message them to establish a time that will work for both of you. 

    Posting in their den and expecting them to cater to you is very uneffective and will likely result in getting overlooked.

  21. How can I get a ceremony for my cat?

    Check with your clan leader. Sometimes, they will prefer you either send them a private message, or leave a comment on their profile. In this message, mention your cat's name, the rank they currently are, and what rank you'd like them to become.

    For apprentice to warrior ceremonies, make it easy on your clan leader and also add in what name you wish to receive!

  22. My cat needs to be healed!

    Medicine cats are busy and aren't always around. Private message them with your cat's name and injury to be healed in a timely manner.

    Posting in their den is frowned upon and will get your character looked over.

  23. Where can I get character art?

    There are multiple ways to do it. Perhaps the easiest is through the Kitty Koins Bank, where many artists are selling character art in exchange for a minimal amount of Koins.

    Another method of doing this is to go to the Art, Drawings, and Photography section of the forums, where some people open requests.

  24. How many characters can I have?

    You can have as many characters as you want, within reason. Though there is no set limit, we suggest only having as many as you can handle.

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Kitty Koins Bank Questions

  1. How do I create an account?

    First, go to the Kitty Koin Bank Information thread, on the Roleplaying Forums page. Scroll down until you find the correct thread, which should be titled Create An Account, or use this quick link to get there! Follow the instructions provided on that thread, and a banker will take care of the rest. 

  2. Can I donate Koins to another existing account?

    No. Donations are not allowed due to being severely abused.

    I received an adoptable from the Adoption Center / I requested artwork from the Visual Arts Category. Can I tip the original poster / artist?

    Yes! The mininum amount you can tip is 5 Koins, and the maximum is 50. To tip the OP / artist, message Tasty Lunacross with both of your IDs & the amount you'd like to tip (keeping in mind it must be an interval of 5). 

    The thread owner may mention they accept tips, but tipping is not mandatory and should not be treated as such.

    Tipping will be checked by staff on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Can I give away my own koins as a prize?

    No. Koins may only be given as a prize by a banker.

  4. How do I earn Kitty Koins?

    There's a wide variety of methods. For one, everyday you can post your account ID in the "Check In" thread, located here, and earn some Koins.

    Posting on the forums will also earn you Kitty Koins - every 1000 posts is worth 100 Koins.

    Every month, we have a Pin Post Festival, and if you complete the challenge, you can earn 75 Koins.

    Referring people to WCO and advertising our site respectfully can also be rewarded with Koins.

    Winning Cat Of The Week /Shipping Of The Week/RolePlay Of The Week will earn you 50 koins.

    Surviving Bank Activeness Checks will earn you 100 koins.

    If it's your birthday, you're in luck, because you get a complimentary 50 Koins! You can collect this by posting here.

    The final method is to sell something of choice.

  5. How do I purchase something?

    Navigate to the Kitty Koins Bank forum, scroll down and locate the Shop/Buy Items thread, and follow the instructions provided! You can also use this link.

  6. How do I sell something?

    Putting something up for sale is a relatively simple process. Navigate to the Kitty Koins Bank forum, scroll down and find the thread labelled Shop Items. In that thread, post with your account name, name of the item you wish to sell, price of the item, and [optional] brief description of the item. You can also follow the link here.

  7. My account hasn't been added / updated?

    The bank is updated manually, not automatically. When you "create an account", consider it automatically made. Keep in mind you must post in the Create An Account thread in order to have an account. Just posting in Check In does not make you an account.

    Failure to disable your signature and use your bank ID will result in you being "fined" -- that is, not receiving the koins for that post.

  8. When are the accounts usually updated?

    Every few days.

  9. My account was deleted. Can I get my koins back?

    If your account was removed during the activeness check, message Lunacross to have it reactivated and reinstated.

    If your account was removed because you left the site and later returned, you may ask for your koins back but it'll likely be the amount you had just before the activeness check was initiated - unless you remember the amount you had when you left.

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Chat Box Questions

  1. How do I create an account?

    On the chat box, simply enter a name into the proper field, then click "profile" at the bottom to enter a password.

  2. Why can't I sign in?

    The most likely cause is one of the following:

    • You have not created an account.
      (See above for registration instructions.)

    • You have missed a chat box activeness check.
      (You will need to create a new account.)

    If none of the above applies, contact a staff member.

  3. Can I have a standalone link?

  4. How is the chat box powered?

    Our chat box is powered by Cbox.

  5. My message disappeared, what happened?

    Make sure your message didn't violate the chat box guidelines, as it was probably removed by a moderator or administrator.

    It could also be a chat box glitch, however this is incredibly rare.

  6. Someone is violating the chat box rules. What do I do?

    Private message one of the site staff immediately!

    If possible, provide screenshots of the offense.

  7. I'm banned and don't know why. Help?

    First of all, try to relax. Do not create a new account to skirt the ban, just wait.

    Often, you will receive a private message from a staff member explaining why.

    If we feel a situation is getting out of hand and could worsen, the staff occasionally will ban members from the chat ("mute" them) to ensure they do not break any more rules and increase a potential punishment.

  8. How do I get a chat box avatar?

    As per the chat box's instructions:

    "To post an avatar image with your messages, first upload your chosen image to the web. You may use an image hosting service or your own webspace. Then paste the URL of the image into the "email / url" box, and post your message."

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