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Welcome to the Trashy Planks formerly known as Warrior Cats Online

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Welcome! It's nice to see that you've stumbled upon this site! Warrior Cats Online, often called WCO for short, is a free-to-play virtual website featuring the famous book series "Warriors" by Erin Hunter. 


On this site, there's so much you can do! But first, you have to make an account! If you've never been on Webs before, please click the "Register" on the sidebar and fill out the required information! If you have used Webs before, just log in!


If you're still confused, or you don't know where to roleplay, check out our helpful guide! It can be found here or along the navigation bar above.


So, what are you waiting for? This website is fun and free to play! Have a great time here at WCO, where every warrior has an adventure!


~Sincerely, Warrior Cats Online Staff







    Site Feedback


"I probably haven't been here nearly as long as anyone else had, but the few months that I have has been filled with joy and happiness. I've met so many great people and opened myself up to a world of possibilities just by joining this website on that one fateful day. Everybody on WCO is kind and helpful towards one another! I am now able to roleplay much more than I used to and share more of my thoughts through my writing."

- Pathos



"WCO- where do I start? It is the best site ever. No questions asked. Everyone here is so nice and so caring, they are always so much fun no matter what. When I first joined, everyone was so kind and welcomed me to the site. It's like a whole big happy family on here, it's like we're all a huge group of friends, they are always there for everyone. You can post topics and reply to RPs and have a good time here. This site opens up a new opportunity to roleplay, make friends and write, if someone always wanted to write a book this site could help them in a way. WCO is helpful and joyous in so many ways- it is a site not to be forgotten."

- BeamTheKiwi



"When I first joined WCO, I thought it would be another boring website. But I thought wrong. WCO is a paradise to all roleplayers. It has a very friendly environment, and I just have to give it two huge thumbs up. As soon as I joined, a ton of people started to give me great tips and recommendations, some of them are even my friends today. WCO is overall, the best roleplayer's website to ever live."

- ¤Insert_User_Name¤